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These MPs and MEPs have signed the Pledge to implement Simpol

Thanks to your support, MPs in the following constituencies have signed the Simpol Pledge. Click on your constituency for more details. If your constituency isn't in the list below, your MP needs to hear from you! Use this template letter to encourage them to sign on. To find out who your MP is, please go here. To see which UK MEPs have signed, go here.

If you are an MP, MEP or party candidate and would like to support Simpol, please download and submit a Pledge Form. Questions? Please see our special FAQs for MPs and parliamentary candidates.


Don Foster MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 29th August 2006

Birmingham Hall Green

Roger Godsiff MP (New Labour)

Pledged: 11th October 2007

Birmingham Yardley

John Hemming MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 16th April 2010


Brighton Pavilion

Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party)

Pledged: 8th June 2004

Carshalton & Wallington

Tom Brake MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 23rd March 2007


Mark Williams MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 20th August 2006

Comment: "I believe that the best way to achieve security and to tackle global problems, including global warming, ecological destruction, global poverty and the threat from terrorism is through international action.  I and my Liberal Democrat colleagues believe the UK must work with the UN and the EU to promote international law, democracy and respect for human rights. We will work to reform the UN and EU to make them more responsive to international challenges."


Martin Horwood MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 28th February 2007


Duncan Hames MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 1st May 2005

Comment: "I support Simpol as a way of tackling cross-border issues and addressing the 'Prisoner's Dilemma' of international competition. Naturally the individual policies proposed for simultaneous implementation need to be considered on their merits at the time they are proposed."


Henry Smith MP (Conservative)

Pledged: 19th April 2010

Dwyfor Meirionnydd

Elfyn Llwyd MP (Plaid Cymru)

Pledged: 25th May 2010

Comment: "Cooperation across boundaries is the best form of approach to global problems. Good luck Simpol!"


Grahame Morris MP (New Labour)

Pledged: 13th April 2010

Comment: "The global financial crisis has shown how weak international cooperation has been in reaching agreement on fundamental regulations and policies across all borders. I support any efforts to bring greater cooperation between nations."


Stephen Lloyd MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 25th April 2010

Comment: "Where the people come together for good, we can change the world!"

Edinburgh South

Ian Murray MP (Labour)

Pledged: 28th April 2014

Edinburgh West

Mike Crockart MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 23rd April 2010

Hayes & Harlington

John McDonnell MP (New Labour)

Pledged: 31st January 2005

Comment: "A simple initiative which deserves a chance to work".

Hornsey & Wood Green

Lynne Featherstone MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 23rd September 2006


Philip Hollobone MP (Conservative)

Pledged: 7th December 2006

Comment: "If the world can act together to tackle global issues then the greater the chance of success."

Manchester Withington

John Leech MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 26th April 2010

Mid Dorset & North Poole

Annette Brooke MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 19th April 2010

Newcastle North

Catherine McKinnell MP (New Labour)

Pledged: 26th April 2010

Comment: "So many of today's challenges need an international effort to combat them, so I am delighted to make my pledge to support Simpol."

Portsmouth South

Mike Hancock MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 29th November 2004

Comment: "Anything that helps to break down the bunker mentality of nationalists, wherever they are in the world, is very welcome."

St. Ives

Andrew George MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 28th October 2004.

Comment: "As Noam Chomsky says, 'It's worth a serious try'".


Lorely Jane Burt MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 31st October 2006


Adrian Sanders MP (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 26th April 2005


John Penrose MP (Conservative)

Pledged: 2nd May 2005

Comment: "The Simultaneous Policy creates the possibility of multilateral action towards a better world. I'm supporting it on the basis that its aims are good and the policies are still being developed. Once completed, I hope Simpol's policies will give citizens more control over their governments, rather than some of the initial drafts which seem the other way around."

UK MEPs who have signed the Pledge


Claude Moraes MEP (Labour)

Pledged: 21st February 2005


Alyn Smith MEP (SNP). Pledged 3rd May 2014.



Catherine Stihler MEP (Labour). Pledged: 1st May 2014.


David Martin MEP (Labour). Pledged: 16th May 2014.

South East

Keith Taylor MEP (Green Party)

Pledged: 27th May 2009

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Other pledged politicians and what they say about Simpol...

At the 2010 General Election, 200 candidates from all the main political parties signed the Simpol Pledge!

Celia Barlow (Labour) Former MP for Hove

"Cooperation between different nations is paramount in terms of tackling the world's greatest problems such as climate change and poverty. Unilateral action, though important, cannot solve these international problems".

Lembit Opik (LibDem) Former MP for Montgomeryshire

"We live together, at once, on the same small planet. There are some things we should do together, at once, on this same small planet. The compelling logic of Simpol is really collective common sense - it's a campaign to find out how common sense really is!"

Emma Dixon (Green Party) Candidate for Islington North

"I am very pleased to sign the Simpol Pledge. All too often, the reason given for not taking action on vital issues like climate change, international aviation fuel, or banking transaction taxes is that international agreement is needed for effective action. The Simpol Pledge is a simple and elegant way through that problem which I fully support."

UK politicians who have signed the Pledge: the complete list

For a complete list of all UK politicians who have ever signed the Simpol Pledge,  please click here.