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Nov. 1: Simpol at 38 Degrees Live

John Bunzl presented Simpol at 38 Degrees Live in London on 1st Nov. 2016. Hosted by BAFTA award-winning presenter Heydon Prowse, it was quite an evening! Stand by for the video which we'll upload soon.

Nov. 15: Simpol at Conference on Collective Action on Climate

John Bunzl

Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, addressed a conference on The Psychology of Inspired Collective Action on Climate Change held in London on 21st November 2015. Organised by CONFER, this cutting-edge conference examined psychological processes that help or hinder collective action. See this video. For more, go here.

Aug. 18: Jonathan Edwards MP signs the Pledge

Jonathan Edwards MP

We're delighted to announce that Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr, Jonathan Edwards, has signed the Simpol Pledge, bringing the total of Simpol-pledged MPs to 30. 

Dec. 1: Woollcombe endorses Simpol

David Woollcombe

David Woollcombe, Co-Founder and Trustee of Peace Child International, has strongly endorsed John Bunzl's latest book on Simpol entitled Global Domestic Politics. "Like many I meet," David said, "you have a great grasp of the apocalypse towards which we are hurtling. Unlike most, you have a plausible, viable proposal for avoiding that apocalypse".

Nov. 24: Simpol presented to Southwark Green Party

Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, gave a talk on "The Need for a New Global Politics" to members and supporters of the Southwark branch of the UK Green Party on Monday 24th November. The meeting resulted in a number of GP members signing on to the campaign.

Euro Elections: Simpol's results

Thanks to action taken by our supporters, we're delighted to announce the following results:

Number of Simpol-pledged MEPs: 5

  • Claude Moraes (Labour, London)
  • Keith Taylor, (Green, UK SE)
  • Alyn Smith (SNP, Scotland)
  • Catherine Stihler (Labour, Scotland)
  • David Martin (Labour, Scotland).

Candidates that signed the Simpol Pledge: 27

Number of EU countries with pledged candidates: 6

Download our Press Release.

May 20: Green Party Deputy Leader signs the Simpol Pledge

Will Duckworth, deputy leader of the Green Party and lead candidate for the Euro North West constituency, has signed the Simpol Pledge. Will said "This sort of cooperation is what we need to think globally and act locally"

May 20: Gina Dowding signs the Simpol Pledge

Green Party Nr.2 candidate for the North West Euro constituency, Gina Dowding, is one of many Greens to sign the Simpol Pledge. In signing it, she said "This is a much needed campaign (and method) to get concerted action on big issues of the day, and requires strong leadership and commitment from all parties".

May 16: David Martin MEP signs the Pledge

David Martin MEP

David Martin, Labour MEP for Scotland, is the latest Euro candidate to sign the Simpol Pledge. Thanks to vigorous campaigning by Scottish Simpol supporters, David is the fourth Scottish Euro candidate to sign, following Alyn Smith MEP (SNP), Catherine Stihler MEP (Labour) and George Lyon MEP (Sc. LibDems). Signalling to politicians that we'll be voting for ANY candidate, within reason, that signs on to Simpol seems to be having the desired effect. To see all politicians from around the world who have signed the Pledge, go here.

28 Apr: Ian Murray MP signs up!

Ian Murray, Labour MP for Edinburgh South, has signed the Simpol Pledge. Following closely on the Pledge made by George Lyon MEP, it's been a busy but productive week for Simpol-UK. For more on Ian, visit his website.

25 Apr: George Lyon MEP signs Simpol Pledge!

We're delighted to announce that George Lyon MEP, Scottish Liberal Democrat MEP for the Euro constituency of Scotland has signed the Simpol Pledge! This is a great start to Simpol's European election campaign and congratulations go to Simpol-supporter, Andy Lippok, who told George Lyon about the campaign.  To see all parliamentarians who have signed the Pledge, go here.

Dec. 5: Now on openDemocracy: What's Wrong with International Summitry?

Articles from Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, can now be found on openDemocracy. His first article, What's Wrong with International Summitry - and What we can do about it, explains just that!

Dec. 3: Annan wrong about the national interest being a barrier to climate action

Kofi Annan

Following the recent disappointing UN climate talks in Warsaw, former  Secretary General, Kofi Annan, admonished governments to "put aside narrow national interests". But in his latest Huffington Post article, John Bunzl, shows that the national interest need not be the barrier Annan thinks it is. Rather, if substantive cooperation is to occur, it has to be designed to be in each nation's interests. By compensating emissions reductions with, for example, the revenues from a global tax on currency transactions, every nation could win. Drastic and immediate action on emissions could thus be made to be in each nation's self-interest. 

Nov. 4: Bunzl reviews 'Sail on, oh ship of state'

Sail on, oh ship of state, a compilation of essays that defends national independence and self-determination in the face of globalisation and our greater interconnectedness, has been reviewed by Simpol's founder, John Bunzl. Most essayists seemed not to see that greater global cooperation would actually enhance, rather than curtail, the ability of nations to deal with today's global problems.

Oct. 29: Brand: The answers he should have given Paxman

Russell Brand

Comedian turned activist, Russell Brand, recently made a strong case for global justice in his BBC Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman. But Brand sadly failed to answer Paxman's key question: How? How do you get change if you don't engage with politics? In his latest Huffington Post blog article, Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, offers Brand an answer.

May 17: Huff Post: UKIP - Why globalisation benefits right-wing political parties

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage

Why all this fuss about Europe when it's globalisation that underlies the rise in support for UKIP and other right-wing parties across Europe? In this new article on the Huffington Post, John Bunzl explains how globalisation  disempowers national governments, increases immigration, and leaves us vulnerable to the isolationist politics of the Right.

Apr. 17: Huff Post: The Right mourn Thatcher; the Left, any sense of direction

Coinciding with the funeral of Baroness Thatcher on 17th April, the Huffington Post published this article by Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, reflecting on the legacy of the "divisive" former British Prime Minister, and what it means for those on the Left and for democracy itself.

Mar. 20: Huff Post: Why global governance is key to world happiness

In a new article on the Huffington Post coinciding with the UN's Day of Happiness on 20th March, Simpol's founder John Bunzl explains the link between happiness and global governance. Can we truly be happy while so many of our fellow humans are suffering? And what do we need to change that? Read it here.

Simpol-UK AGM

Simpol-UK's 2012 Annual General Meeting will be held in London on 17th March, 14.30. With 24 MPs already pledged to implement Simpol's range of global problem-solving policies, we'll be discussing how we can take the campaign forward even faster. If you are a Simpol supporter and would be interested in attending or in volunteering, please contact us for more details.

Jan. 30: Economist David K. Levine endorses Simpol

Game theory specialist, David K. Levine, John H. Biggs Distinguished Professor of Economics at Washington University, St. Louis, USA, has endorsed the Simpol campaign.

Impressed by John Bunzl's recent TEDx presentation, The Political Prisoner's Dilemma, read Prof. Levine's endorsement here.

Jan. 8: Why thinking too small increases your food bill

Top blog, the Huffington Post, today published an article by Simpol's John Bunzl asking why we still look for merely national solutions to global problems. With food prices set to rise due to poor harvests caused by global warming and other global problems impacting our daily lives, what might the cost be of thinking too small? Read it here.

Dec. 12: Huffington Post: Starbucks' tax payment

Top blog, The Huffington Post, carries a new article by Simpol's John Bunzl about Starbucks and its 'voluntary tax payment'. Hot espresso, or just luke-warm filter coffee? Read it here.

Dec. 9: John Bunzl's TEDx Berlin talk now online

John Bunzl (Photo: Sebastian Gabsch)

Simpol founder John Bunzl's TEDx talk at TEDx Berlin's "Crossing Borders" confrence on 23rd November is now online. Entitled The Political Prisoner's Dilemma, John uses the story of Max and Moritz, the two hapless naughty boys from German folklore, to make his point. The two boys are picked up by the police for a minor offence, but the police also suspect them of something more serious. Will the boys keep quiet and get off lightly, or will they incriminate each other? And why do our politicians find themselves in much the same position - and how do we help them out? See the talk (in English) here.

Nov. 5: Simpol on Huffington Post!

With environmentalists bemoaning the absence of any mention of climate change in the recent U.S. Presidential debates, top blog The Huffington Post runs this article by Simpol founder, John Bunzl, which offers a solution: Swing voters, Mr. President? UK has the answer.

Oct.9: Simpol short-listed for Global+5 award

Former Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou (left) with Karin Hagemann of KPMG (centre) and John Bunzl of Simpol. [Photo: Tom Bunzl]

"Which innovative projects and ideas could have the biggest global impact 5 years from now?" That's the challenge of the Global+5 awards organised by The Global Journal, a magazine specialising in global governance issues. Simpol was among 21 short-listed projects judged by a jury including former Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou, Pascal Lamy, Director General of the WTO, and David Held of Durham University. 

Unfortunately, neither Simpol nor any other global governance proposal were selected for an award as the judges seemed to prefer humanitarian or scientific projects. But both George Papandreou and another judge, Karin Hagemann, a top management consultant with KPMG, both personally felt Simpol offered a very innovative solution to the central dilemma facing today's politicians: the impossible task of reconciling democracy and social and economic justice with the need to keep their national economies internationally competitive.

Ken Wilber dialogues with John Bunzl on IntegralLife

Ken Wilber, founder of Integral Theory, and John Bunzl dialogue about global governance and how Simpol may be key in achieving it. Available in several parts, the dialogue can be heard here.  It is based on a new article by John to appear shortly in the Journal of Integral Theory & Practice entitled Transcending 1st-Tier Values in Achieving Binding Democratic Global Governance. Wilber has described Simpol as "a 2nd-tier political practice that makes a great deal of sense, and is certainly worth backing" and is a member of Simpol's Advisory Board.

Recent UK Campaign News

Sep. 30: John Bunzl presents Simpol at Conway Hall

Conway Hall, London

John Bunzl will deliver a presentation at Conway Hall in London on 30th September, 2012. Entitled "Thinking like Einstein", John will speak about how we can move from nation-centric to world-centric thinking, and will show Simpol, not only to be an example of world-centric thinking in action, but a way citizens can drive politicians to solve global problems. For more, click here.

Sept. 12th: Democratic Reform Party adopts Simpol

Jean Eveleigh, Treasurer and Members manager of the Democratic Reform Party (DRP), today confirmed that the DRP had adopted Simpol as part of the party's official policy.

Political parties that support Simpol have pledged, if in government, to implement Simpol if and when all or sufficient other governments have similarly pledged. Any parliamentary candidates they put forward will also have signed the Simpol Pledge.

Sep. 2-5th: John to present at Oxford Globalisation Conference

Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, will address the 10th Annual International Oxford Conference taking place 2-5th September, 2012. Organised by the Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI), the theme of the conference will be "Theology, philosophy, ethics, spirituality and economics: A call to dialogue". The subject of John's presentation will be "Current Problems Require New Thinking". For more information and to register to attend, please click here.

Rio+20 Disappointment - Why are we not surprised?

Here we go again: As the Rio+20 global sustainability summit closes, NGOs line up to bemoan the lack of a decisive outcome. "We didn't get the Future We Want in Rio, because we do not have the leaders we need", said Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace, to cite but one example.

In a new blog piece published today, Simpol's founder John Bunzl suggests NGOs need to realise that destructive international competition means that governments simply aren't in a position to deliver. So, not only does civil society need to adopt a new strategy that places it in a position of control, Bunzl suggests how this might be done. To view his blog, click here.

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How does competition between governments prevent them from acting substantively on social justice and environmental sustainability? 

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UK tax dilemma

Having called for international cooperation to solve tax competition, George Osborne has done the opposite by cutting the UK's top rate of tax. In this article in The Independent, Osborne says "In a modern global economy, where people can move anywhere in the world, we cannot have a top rate of tax that discourages people from living here, setting up businesses here, investing here, creating jobs here."

Simpol comments: This shows the dilemma governments are in. It's a vicious circle that can only be broken through a cooperative global agreement. So Support Simpol now to make it happen.

Democracy Globally AND Locally!

Justice and sustainability need to be worked for on multiple scales, not just globally but locally too. One man who has pioneered local-level politics free from the influence of established political parties is Peter MacFadyen. Starting in Frome where he and his group of 17 independent candidates won the election, Peter's book Flatpack Democracy offers a handy manual for those wishing to follow that example in other parts of the UK.

Wounded Leaders: New book by Nick Duffell

Wounded Leaders - British Elitism and the Entitlement Illusion, a new book by psycho-historian Nick Duffell, examines the links between British politics and the Public School system from which most politicians come. He argues that the British obsession with sending the children of the well-heeled away to school has a major impact on our society, our institutions and our attitudes.

Reinventing Capitalism

Reinventing Capitalism, a new book by Jon Freeman, examines our money system, our relationship to money, and how we can fix both. Showing how our values influence this broken system and how simultaneously implemented global policies are likely to be crucial for fixing it, this book is a very worthwhile read.

Simpol humour: Agony Anne, Globalisation's very first 'agony aunt' offers sage advice...

Agony Anne and Molly

This week, globalisation's first and only 'agony aunt', Agony Anne, receives anxious letters from Britain's three main party leaders, all worried stiff at UKIP's rise to prominence at the European elections. Read Anne's advice here.

For Anne's article on the wisdom of David Cameron's 'economic war' on red tape, go here.

For Anne's article on NGO woes at the sorrowful outcome of the Rio+20 inter-governmental summit, please go here.

John Bunzl "Thinking Like Einstein"

See Simpol founder John Bunzl's TEDx talk entitled Thinking like Einstein. John explains what global thinking really means. You may think you think globally, but do you? Check it out! Click here

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