Pledged candidates: Consituencies in England A-D


Thanks to your support, candidates in the following constituencies have signed the Simpol Pledge. If your constituency isn't in the list below, your candidates needs to hear from you! Sign on to Simpol to encourage them to sign it. 


If you would like to support Simpol, you can see and sign the Pledge here.  Questions? Please see our FAQs for MPs and parliamentary candidates.

Candidates in the following constituencies have signed the Pledge. (Note: Constituencies with names that include "North", "South", etc, may be listed on a different page).

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Donna Wallace (Green Party)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Mark Beech (Official Monster Raving Loony)

Pledged: 3rd April 2015

Geraldine Coggins (Green Party)

Pledged: 17th March 2015

Angela Smith (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Comment: "This seems a delightful simple proposal: working together to solve global issues."

Andrew Western (Labour)

Pledged: 11th November 2019

Isabel Thurston  (Green Party)

Pledged: 26th March 2015

Rebecca Wain (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 11th November 2019

Mandy Rossi (Green Party)

Pledged: 22nd May 2017

Adrian Gee-Turner (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 26th May 2017

Comment: "Because it matters for all of us."

Coral Simpson (Green Party)

Pledged: 1st June 2017

Ian Middleton (Green Party)

Pledged: 5th May 2015

Chris Loynes (Green Party)

Pledged: 21st April 2010

Simon Fell (Conservative)

Pledged: 15th May 2017

Wera Hobhouse (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 22nd May 2017

Comment: "As a committed internationalist I recognise the benefits of working across borders to solve global problems."

Lois Davis (Green Party)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Ruth Fabricant (Green Party)

Pledged: 4th May 2015

Thomas Stewart (Green Party)

Pledged: 1st June 2017

Isabel Pires (Green Party)

Pledged: 31st May 2017

Jonathan Kent (Green Party)

Pledged: 1st May 2015

Roger Godsiff (Independent)

Pledged: 11th October 2007

Lee Dargue (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Roger Harmer (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 11th May 2017

Comment: "Global problems such as climate change and terrorism require global solutions. Anything which can help develop the international cooperation required to find these solutions is to be welcomed."

Christopher Garghan (Green Party)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Ray Georgeson (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 14th November 2019

David Jones (Green Party)

Pledged: 5th May 2015

Duncan Royle (Green Party)

Pledged: 13th April 2015

Dawn Furness (Green Party)

Pledged: 9th May 2017

David Kesteven (Green Party)

Pledged: 2nd May 2015

David Hancock (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 11th November 2019

Yasmin Qureshi (Labour Party)

Pledged: 8th June 2017

Rebecca Forrest (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 1st June 2017

Julie Hilling (Labour)

Pledged: 3rd June 2017

Rebecca Hanson (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Comment: "Many thanks to the constituents who have brought this to my attention."

Michael Mullaney (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 26th April 2010

Comment: "I'm happy to support the Pledge."

Derek Florey  (Green Party)

Pledged: 1st May 2015

Alexandra Phillips (Green Party)

Pledged: 11th November 2019

Caroline Lucas (Green Party)

Pledged: 8th June 2004

James Cox (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Kevin White (Green Party)

Pledged: 13th April 2015

Kat Boettge (Green Party)

Pledged: 16th March 2015

Gordon Birtwistle (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 12th March 2015

Ivan Lewis (Independent)

Pledged: 7th June 2017

Helen Geake (Green Party)

Pledged: 18th March 2015

Comment: "Simpol promotes effective co-operation rather than destructive competition, so that global problems can be addressed and solved rather than being avoided."

Daniel Zeichner (Labour)

Pledged: 17th October 2007

Comment: "The world is changing rapidly and progressive politics must not be limited by out-dated national boundaries. ... I want to work with like-minded people to challenge inequality, prejudice and ignorance wherever it occurs. We are all in this together, and must work together to meet the challenges ahead."

Rod Cantrill (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 30th May 2017

Ed Murphy (Labour)

Pledged: 26th April 2010

Paul Woodhead (Green Party)

Pledged: 8th April 2015

Tom Brake (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 23rd March 2007

Tracey Hague (Green Party)

Pledged: 26th May 2017

Andy Williamson (Green Party)

Pledged: 31st March 2015

Tom Morrison (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Max Wilkinson (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Helen Belcher (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 12th May 2017

Chris Rigby (Green Party)

Pledged: 4th May 2017

Bob Thompson (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 1st May 2015

Chris Southall (Green Party)

Pledged: 21st April 2004

Roy Horobin (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 23rd February 2015

Martin Goss (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 6th November 2019

Jack Lenox (Green Party)

Pledged: 4th February 2017

Chris Stanbra (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Matthew Handley (Green Party)

Pledged: 22nd May 2017

Comment: "Co-operative policy is the foundation of the greatest achievements in society and I welcome Simpol's framework to tackle the challenges we face."

Henry Smith (Conservative)

Pledged: 19th April 2010

Jon Cruddas (Labour)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Jenny Chapman (Labour)

Pledged: 3rd June 2017

Mark Lindop (Green Party)

Pledged: 5th May 2015

Andrew Simpson (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 14th May 2017

Chris Williamson (Independent)

Pledged: 8th April 2015

Matthew Buckler (Green Party)

Pledged: 18th May 2017

Ross Shipman (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 1st May 2017

Lorraine Johnson (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 29th April 2015

Emma Dawnay (Green Party)

Pledged: 5th May 2015

Rachael Ross (Labour)

Pledged: 13th November 2019

Comment: "This is very much up my street. I am keen on cross party work and climate emergency is the country’s toughest challenge facing us."

Mike Harrison (Green Party)

Pledged: 19th March 2015

Mike Wood (Conservative)

Pledged: 1st May 2015