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Thanks to your support, candidates in the following constituencies have signed the Simpol Pledge. If your constituency isn't in the list below, your candidates needs to hear from you! Sign on to Simpol to encourage them to sign it. 


If you would like to support Simpol, you can see and sign the Pledge here.  Questions? Please see our FAQs for MPs and parliamentary candidates.

Candidates in the following constituencies have signed the Pledge. (Note: Constituencies with names that include "North", "South", etc, may be listed on a different page).

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Henrietta Bewley (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 31st May 2017

Grahame Morris (Labour)

Pledged: 13th April 2010

Comment: "The global financial crisis has shown how weak international cooperation has been in reaching agreement on fundamental regulations and policies across all borders. I support any efforts to bring greater cooperation between nations."

Stephen Lloyd (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 25th April 2010

Comment: "Where the people come together for good, we can change the world!"

Timothy Norman (Yorkshire Party)

Pledged: 31st May 2017

Kate Osamor (Labour)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Stephen Gee (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 4th May 2015

Joe Levy (Green Party)

Pledged: 22nd May 2017

Ben Bradshaw (Labour)

Pledged: 11th January 2019

Matthew Winnington (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 22nd April 2015

Tony Firkins (Green Party)

Pledged: 28th May 2017

Comment: "I support this campaign as it will enable politicians to put the planet and its people first."

Chris McFarling (Green Party)

Pledged: 8th November 2019

Comment: "We must work together, internationally on issues that affect all of humanity and life on earth. Surely we are mature enough to realise that. When asked what he thought of western civilisation, Ghandi replied 'It would be a good idea'."

Gina Dowding (Green Party)

Pledged: 20th May 2014

Kris Brown (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 31st May 2017

Peter Maughan (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 20th May 2017

Alan Bullion (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 19th April 2010

Comment: "I am happy to support."

Jonathan Ingleby (Green Party)

Pledged: 15th March 2015

Monica Cassidy (Green Party)

Pledged: 23rd March 2015

Marna Gilligan (Green Party)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

John Morris (Peace Party)

Pledged: 10th March 2015

Zoe Franklin (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 1st June 2017

Dave Raval (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 26th April 2010

James Baker (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 14th November 2019

Tulip Siddiq (Labour)

Pledged: 29th May 2017

Darren Woodiwiss (Green Party)

Pledged: 6th May 2015

Comment: "There are many Trans Global issues that need a unified approach and I support the Simpol idea."

Judith Rogerson (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 12th November 2019

Adam Bernard (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 4th June 2017

Peter Chowney (Labour)

Pledged: 20th May 2017

Paul Gray (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 17th May 2017

John McDonnell (Labour)

Pledged: 31st January 2005

Comment: "A simple initiative which deserves a chance to work".


Lisa Smart (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 18th May 2017

Robin Bennett (Green Party)

Pledged: 5th May 2017

Comment: "Many of the complex environmental and social challenges we face require global trust and co-operation. A non-partisan approach is the best way to help achieve this."

Laura Coyle (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 30th May 2017

Comment: "Global problems such as combatting climate change require global solutions. Simpol provids a simple but compelling mechanism for trying to achieve a global consensus."

Diana Toynbee (Green Party)

Pledged: 27th March 2015

Comment: "I support your excellent initiative to address global challenges in a spirit of international solidarity, equality and co-operation."

Ellie Chowns (Green Party)

Pledged: 20th May 2017

Sally Symington (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 8th May 2017

Comment: "I firmly believe that global cooperation is essential to tackle cross-border issues such as banking regulation, climate change and war. A hard Brexit risks a 'race to the bottom' which will increase inequality and should be resisted at all costs."

Anthony Smith (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 1st May 2015

Liz McInnes (Labour)

Pledged: 3rd May 2015

Peter Caton (Green Party)

Pledged: 19th May 2017

Richard Bradley (Green Party)

Pledged: 9th May 2017

Beatrice Bass (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 9th November 2019

Comment: "As a liberal internationalist, I advocate cross border collaboration to solve global problems."

Andrew Cooper (Green Party)

Pledged: 1st May 2015

Samuel Sweek (Labour)

Pledged: 14th November 2019

RoseMary Warrington (Green Party)

Pledged: 30th May 2017

Sandy Martin (Labour)

Pledged: 8th May 2017

Comment: "Global problems - especially Climate Change - are too great to be left to individual nations or political parties - all progressive politicians need to pledge to work together to resolve these existential threats to our planet."

Adrian Trett (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 10th May 2017

Vix Lowthion (Green Party)

Pledged: 3rd May 2015

Caroline Russell (Green Party)

Pledged: 3rd June 2017

Comment: "I'm signing because Simpol enables cooperation with our neighbours across the globe which is crucial for tackling the big problems that face us as an international community."

Kate Pothalingam (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 13th November 2019

Comment: "I support global cooperation to find solutions to global problems."

Richard Dickson (Liberal Democrat)

Pledged: 22nd February 2015

Philip Hollobone (Conservative)

Pledged: 7th December 2006

Comment: "If the world can act together to tackle global issues then the greater the chance of success."

Chris Nelson (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 30th May 2017

Comment: "I believe in multilateral solutions to global problems wherever this is possible."

Jamie Wildman (Green Party)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Richard Howarth (Green Party)

Pledged: 8th April 2015

George Howarth (Labour)

Pledged: 18th May 2017

Ed Carlisle (Green Party)

Pledged: 30th May 2017

Fabian Hamilton (Labour)

Pledged: 10th May 2017

Martin Hemingway (Green Party)

Pledged: 25th February 2015

Comment: "There is no conflict between the goals of Simpol and those of the Green Party. A commitment to international cooperation on these issues can lead, we would argue, to a reduction in the causes of conflict and the likelihood of wars."

Alex Sobel (Labour)

Pledged: 10th March 2015

Mags Lewis (Green Party)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Comments: "Global problems like climate change need cooperation and shared solutions."

Vicky Foxcroft (Labour)

Pledged: 12th November 2019

Paul Ray (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 31st May 2017

Ted Grant (Green Party)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Richard Kemp (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 7th November 2019

Comment: "As the former UK representative on the World body for local government, UCLG, and the current chair of a global youth charity, World Merit ( I appreciate the need for initiatives of this sort. Together we can deal with not only the problems being looked at by Simpol but many others as well."

Peter Hill - The Iconic Arty-Pole (Official Monster Raving Loony)

Pledged: 2nd April 2015

James Booth (Green Party)

Pledged: 27th May 2017

Stuart Jeffery (Green Party)

Pledged: 27th April 2010

James Willis (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

John Skipworth (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 1st May 2015

Laura Bannister (Green Party)

Pledged: 20th March 2015

Comment: "To make the big changes we need to be brave and we need to work together."

Gareth Ellis (Green Party)

Pledged: 1st May 2015

Comment: "I support international cooperation for the common good."

Sue MacFarlane (Green Party)

Pledged: 25th February 2015

Felix Dodds (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 14th November 2019

Vikki Slade (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 21st February 2015

Margaret Rowley (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 30th May 2017

Paul Kennedy (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 5th June 2017