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GE2019 - Simpol gains nearly 100 pledged MPs!

Simpol-UK achieved a stunning result increasing the number of Simpol-pledged MPs from 66 to nearly 100. They join a growing number of MPs in other countries around the world who are pledged to implement the Simultaneous Policy.

Over 700 candidates from all the main parties in 475 constituencies signed the Pledge in the run-up to the election on 12th December. See our Press Release.

Bunzl at Re-Base Camp - London

Simpol's John Bunzl has been invited to host a round-table discussion on democracy at Re-Base Camp to be held in London 4-5th November, 2019. Led by author, Chris Kutarna, Re-Base Camp is "a global invitation to collectively re-imagine our future and actively participate in expeditions for systemic change".

Evonomics publishes interview on The Simpol Solution

Where does Simpol fit in the story of human evolution? Prestigious economics blog, Evonomics, has published a great interview of authors John Bunzl and Nick Duffell by evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson about their new book The Simpol Solution. Read it here.

Mad Max Brexit?

The Mad Max-style race to the bottom in regulations won't be caused by Brexit, argues John Bunzl in this new article. That race already started long ago. Brexit will probably just make it worse.

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