About Simpol-UK


Simpol-UK is the UK affiliate of the International Simultaneous Policy Organistion (ISPO). ISPO and all its national affiliates are independent, not-for-profit organisations.

Simpol-UK is a company limited by guarantee registered in the UK, company nr. 5080159. This is a common legal form for non-profit organisations.

Why a Simultaneous Policy?

If problems like climate change, immigration, wealth inequality and insecurity are global, we believe the solutions to them should be too.

At the moment, we don’t have any truly global solutions. Instead, we rely on national governments to come up with solutions, but little is getting done. Why? Because any country acting alone to solve global issues takes a risk - to be an economic loser in a competition where winning is the only option.

The reality is that staying internationally competitive and solving global problems are fundamentally incompatible. So national governments are stuck in a cycle of having to keep their economies competitive while global problems are left to worsen.

This is how our problems get worse - leaders setting taxes and standards ever lower to attract borderless capital - all in a bid to stay ‘internationally competitive’. They race to the bottom, and our problems continue to grow.

To fix our world, we need to step forward together - simultaneously, starting today. 

Our solution is Simpol - the Simultaneous Policy - a range of multi-issue policy packages to solve global problems with each package to be implemented, at the same time, on the same date. That way, no nation loses out - everyone wins.

Simpol means we can tackle all our problems - climate change, tax regulation, wealth inequality - for everyone’s benefit. If countries act simultaneously, they can avoid being the loser who acts alone. If they work on solving multiple issues instead of just one, they can balance the costs of one issue with the gains from another.

Simpol is common sense. It's about going from destructive global competition to truly global cooperation.

To make it happen, we run campaigns in countries around the world that give citizens the power to compel their leaders to implement Simpol through the vote. So please sign on to the campaign, or read on to learn more about why Simpol is the answer.

Political independence

To maintain strict political independence, Simpol organisations are not charities and nor are they permitted to accept funding from any for-profit entity. All funds are raised from private donations, membership fees or book sales.

Campaign Management

Any citizen can sign on as a supporter of Simpol. This is free of charge.

Simpol-UK is ultimately controlled by its Members. Members are supporters who have applied for membership and paid an annual membership fee. Currently, membership fees are £25 (waged) or £10 (unwaged).  If you would like to become a Member, please download a Membership Form and send it to us with your fee.

Simpol-UK's Members elect a board of Trustees to oversee the running of the campaign. Simpol-UK is governed and managed according to its Memorandum and Articles of Association and with reference to its Founding Declaration. It sets out Simpol-UK's mission, principles, management structure and responsibilities.

Current Trustees

Mark Horler

Mark discovered Simpol via the issue of nuclear disarmament, but soon came to realise that Simpol has a host of applications and can provide a genuine answer to global problems. Mark is also a founding member of the Democratic Reform Party and previously served as their campaigns manager. Outside politics, Mark runs a care home for the learning disabled, is a family man and is a keen, if distinctly amateur, musician.

David Saddington

David is a climate change communicator, scientist and "enviro-preneur". Influencing UK government policy, fronting a pioneering climate media campaign that reached over 3 million people, and giving a TEDx talk at London's indigO2 ar just a few of his achievements so far. David has also worked with the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) relating to Education & Youth Empowerment surrounding COP21. He is an expert contributor to the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) Global Environmental Outlook Report and a partner with WHO (World Health Organisation) initiatives. 

John Bunzl

John founded Simpol in 2000. He is a businessman, social activist and passionate advocate for global consciousness and governance. Having conceived the idea for Simpol in 1998, he set it out in his first book, The Simultaneous Policy, published in 2001. He then went on to develop the Simpol campaign. He has written many further books and articles and has spoken at many conferences and events, including at the World Social Forum, the World Trade Organisation and the Schumacher Society. He was born in 1957, lives in London, and has three children.