Pledged candidates: Constituencies in England N-R


Thanks to your support, candidates in the following constituencies have signed the Simpol Pledge. If your constituency isn't in the list below, your candidates need to hear from you! Sign on to Simpol to encourage them to sign it. 


If you would like to support Simpol, you can see and sign the Pledge here.  Questions? Please see our FAQs for MPs and parliamentary candidates.

Candidates in the following constituencies have signed the Pledge. (Note: Constituencies with names that include "North", "South", etc, may be listed on a different page).

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Constituencies: England N-R

Julie Hope (Labour)

Pledged: 30th May 2017

Jack Davies (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 21st November 2019

Ali Avaei (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 20th November 2019

Tay Pitman (Green Party)

Pledged: 3rd December 2019

Comment: "I support this campaign as it will enable politicians to put the planet and its people first."

Wendy Taylor (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 12th April 2015

Comment: "There are many problems in the world that can only be solved by cooperation with other countries and I support this innovative approach."

Nick Hartley (Green Party)

Pledged: 4th December 2019

Catherine McKinnell (Labour)

Pledged: 26th April 2010

Comment: "So many of today's challenges need an international effort to combat them, so I am delighted to maky my pledge to support Simpol."

Nigel Jones (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 12th November 2019

Comment: "An excellent aim, especially with current narrowminded nationalistic trends. It should be clear to everyone that the aims of Simpol are for those issues that are definitely global. They do not conflict with the complementary need for localism. I look forward to Simpol providing the means to get people, not just governments, working together on the global issues. Indeed, it may need people to provide the motivation for governments to act together."

Alex White (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 6th April 2015

Ken Huggins (Green Party)

Pledged: 18th November 2019

Comment: "Now more than ever we must act together if we are to avoid unstoppable climate change and the destruction of the natural world on which we totally rely!"

Pat Osborne (Labour)

Pledged: 19th November 2019

Comment: "The systemic change needed to tackle the climate crisis will require everyone pulling in the same direction. Locally, regionally, nationally and globally."

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Ross Shipman (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 1st May 2017

Chris Peace (Labour)

Pledged: 4th December 2019

Howling Laud Hope (Official Monster Raving Loony)

Pledeged: 10th April 2015

Comment: "I agree with everything this stands for."

Graham Cockerill (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 5th December 2019

Tim Lee (Green Party)

Pledged: 18th May 2017

Karen Ward (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 17th November 2019

Duncan Baker (Conservatives)

Pledged: 24th November 2019

Phil Neve (Green Party)

Pledged: 6th December 2019

Andy Bentley (Green Party)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Comment: "As a Green I recognise that some decisions have to be made at a global level, and that citizens have a vital role to play in making those decisions."

Mary Glindon (Labour)

Pledged: 29th April 2015

Michael Peacock (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 23rd November 2019

David Sewell (Green Party)

Pledged: 29th November 2019

Lance Mitchell (Green Party)

Pledged: 10th November 2019

Liz Bell (Labour)

Pledged: 17th November 2019

Luigi Gregori (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 28th November 2019

JoAnne Rust (Labour)

Pledged: 2nd May 2015

Brian Mathew (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Comment: "As an internationalist Simpol makes good sense."

Jill Hope (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Adrian Holmes (Green Party)

Pledged: 25th February 2015

Catherine Rowett (Green Party)

Pledged: 28th February 2015

Nadia Whittome (Labour)

Pledged: 21st November 2019

Barry Holliday (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 21st May 2017

Comment: "As a committed internationalist I recognise the benefits of working across borders to solve global problems, which is why I am happy to support the Simpol campaign."

Lilian Greenwood (Labour)

Pledged: 27th November 2019

Simone Reynolds (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 30th May 2017

Comment: "I support your campaign."

Sam Al-Hamdani (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 20th November 2019

Garth Harkness (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 4th May 2015

Karen Wheller (Green Party)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Layla Moran (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 28th April 2015

Gordon Lishman (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 8th April 2015

Hannah Kitching (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 17th November 2019

Lisa Forbes (Labour)

Pledged: 3rd December 2019

Sue Aitkenhead (Labour)

Pledged: 22nd November 2019

Neil Jameson (Green Party)

Pledged: 13th November 2019

Antonia Harrison (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Gerald Vernon-Jackson (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 25th February 2015

Stephen Morgan (Labour)

Pledged: 8th May 2017

Neil Darby (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Quinn Daley (Green Party)

Pledged: 25th November 2019

Comment: "Before this election I had not heard of Simpol. As a professional engineer I admire the approach to engineering international treaties, and I hope that with cross-party support it can be used to solve many of the world's largest issues."

Fleur Anderson (Labour)

Pledged: 24th November 2019

Ron Tindall (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 20th November 2019

Imogen Shepherd-DuBey (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 28th March 2015

Comment: "Sounds like a good idea."

Meri O'Connell (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 22nd February 2015

Rachel Eden (Labour)

Pledged: 26th May 2017

Karen King (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 17th November 2019

Bruce Horton (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 20th November 2019

Jonathan Essex (Green Party)

Pledged: 15th March 2015

Comment: "We need to move from a poltics dominated by self-interest to a politics able to provide positive leadership for the Common Good. This has proven difficult for reaching international agreement on climate change. We need different ways to make positive decisions that change our future for the better, including mechanisms like Simpol."

Sarah Olney (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 29th November 2016

Philip Knowles (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 13th November 2019

Thom Kirkwood (Labour)

Pledged: 6th December 2019

Craig Fletcher (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 28th November 2019

Paul Valentine (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 27th November 2019

Comment: "By working in common, hand in hand with other nations, we can deliver effective policy on the major issues of today and tomorrow."

Sarah Champion (Labour)

Pledged: 30th October 2019

Sarah Green (Green Party)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Rob O'Carroll (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 20th November 2019

Cheryl Pidgeon (Labour)

Pledged: 3rd May 2015

Jason Billin (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 11th November 2019

Comment: "Liberal Democrats believe that the UK, working with our international partners, can be a positive actor supporting peace and security throughout the world."