Pledged candidates: Constituencies in Scotland


Thanks to your support, candidates in the following constituencies have signed the Simpol Pledge. If your constituency isn't in the list below, your candidates need to hear from you! Sign on to Simpol to encourage them to sign it. 


If you would like to support Simpol, you can see and sign the Pledge here.  Questions? Please see our FAQs for MPs and parliamentary candidates.

Candidates in the following constituencies have signed the Pledge. (Note: Constituencies with names that include "North", "South", etc, may be listed on a different page).

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Kirsty Blackman (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 6th May 2015

Ian Yuill (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 3rd December 2019

Stuart Donaldson (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 4th May 2015

Neil Gray (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 1st June 2017

Dave Doogan (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 25th November 2019

Philippa Whitford (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 2nd May 2015

Alison Smith (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 28th November 2019

Paul Robertson (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 1st December 2019

Comment: "Happy to support."

Calum Kerr (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 3rd June 2017

Stuart McDonald (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 1st June 2017

Edmond (Ted) Thompson (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 26th November 2019

Amanda Burgauer (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 5th November 2019

Chris Law (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 4th December 2019

Douglas Chapman (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 5th November 2019

Cara Hilton (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 19th November 2019

Jo Swinson (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 17th August 2018

Amy Callaghan (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 26th November 2019

Lisa Cameron (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 15th November 2019

Martin Whitfield (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 4th June 2017

Sheila Gilmore (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 29th April 2015

Tommy Sheppard (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 1st May 2015

Gordon Munro (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 3rd June 2017

Heather Astbury (Renew)

Pledged: 17th November 2019

Deidre Brock (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 28th November 2019

Ian Murray (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 28th April 2014

Joanna Cherry (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 5th June 2017

Christine Jardine (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 22nd November 2019

John McNally (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 4th May 2015

Stephen Gethins (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 3rd May 2015

Wendy Chamberlain (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 25th November 2019

Alison Thewliss (S.N.P)

Pledged: 26th March 2018

Faten Hameed (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 2nd December 2019

David Linden (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 2nd June 2017

Kate Watson (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Cass Macgregor (Scottish Greens)

Pledged: 3rd May 2015

Paul Sweeney (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Anne McLaughlin (SNP)

Pledged: 7th June 2017

Carol Monaghan (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 26th November 2019

Patricia Ferguson (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 28th November 2019

Johann Lamont (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 21st November 2019

Chris Stephens (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 2nd June 2017

Matt Kerr (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 6th June 2017

Peter Grant (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 6th May 2015

Richard Thomson (S.N.P)

Pledged: 7th November 2019

Jacci Stoyle (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 18th November 2019

Comment: "I believe that in order to tackle problems of climate change and global inequalities, we must all work together across all nations."

Ronnie Cowan (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 25th November 2019

Martin McCluskey (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 26th November 2019

Lewis Whyte (Scottish Labour)

Pledged: 28th November 2019

Comment: "As a Scottish Labour candidate internationalism is a fundamental part of my politics. As such, I'm delighted to put my name to this and support global cooperation."

Alan Brown (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 2nd June 2017

Roger Mullin (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 28th April 2017

Comment: "Before being elected, I worked for over 30 years on international issues in places as diverse as Namibia, Yemen and Marshall Islands. I fully support the principles of SIMPOL. If I am re-elected I intend focusing on such principles."

Angela Crawley (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 2nd June 2017

Jane Pickard (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 28th November 2019

Martyn Day (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 27th April 2017

Hannah Bardell (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 26th November 2019

Charles Dundas (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 26th November 2019

Owen Thompson (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 29th May 2017

Steve Arrundale (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 26th November 2019

Marion Fellows (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 1st June 2017

Patricia Gibson (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 27th November 2019

Luke Graham (Conservative & Unionist)

Pledged: 5th May 2015

Alistair Carmichael (Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 30th October 2019

Gavin Newlands (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 1st June 2017

Ross Stalker (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Pledged: 27th November 2019

Pete Wishart (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 29th May 2017

Kirsten Oswald (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 1st May 2015

Ian Blackford (S.N.P)

Pledged: 30th October 2019

Comment: "I would be delighted to have my name associated with this."

Alyn Smith (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 1st May 2014

Martin Docherty (S.N.P.)

Pledged: 20th November 2019