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Simpol - The Simultaneous Policy

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Simpol is an international association of citizens who use their votes in a new way to drive their politicians, parties, and eventually governments towards cooperation to solve the most pressing global issues of our time, such as climate change, fair corporate taxation, mass migration and so on.


By joining Simpol, citizens in democratic countries give strong voting preference at all future national elections to politicians or parties that have pledged to implement Simpol's policies simultaneously alongside other governments. So, politicians or parties who sign Simpol's Pledge enhance their chances of getting our votes, while those that don’t risk losing out to those that do. As democratic governments are driven to sign the Pledge, non-democratic governments will not want to be left out. They need solutions to global problems too.


Members of Parliament from many parties and countries have already signed the Pledge. You can see the list here. But to solve global problems, we need more! So, if you're a citizen, please sign on to Simpol to drive your MP, Congressman, Senator or party to sign the Pledge. If you're a politician or party, we invite you to enhance your electoral chances by signing the Pledge now.

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How CAN we change the world? Is it through protest, through civil disobedience or through a new kind of politics? What's your view? How much do you know about how to change the world? Play our online gameGlobal Justice for Grown Ups now and find out!