The Simpol Solution

The Simpol Solution - Solving global problems could be easier than we think

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ISPO Making it Happen! book series

The Making it Happen! series of books is published by ISPO. Each book looks at a specific reform proposal or subject area which may require the Simpol approach if its practical implementation is to occur.

1. Monetary Reform – Making it Happen!

by James Robertson and John Bunzl

The first two chapters on monetary reform are by James Robertson. Although much of the detail in them refers to Britain, the same outline applies broadly to other countries too.The historical perspective in Chapter 1 brings out some of the parallels between the aims of monetary reform in the 19th century and now, and some of the differences between that time and ours. It suggests that the historical evolution of the monetary system between then and now points to the Huber/Robertson proposal as the next step forward. 

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2. People-centred Global Governance - Making it Happen!

by John Bunzl

As global problems such as global warming, global poverty, pollution, terrorism and runaway corporate power increasingly outstrip the capacity of national and international governance institutions to solve them, the issue of global governance is rapidly moving up the international political agenda. In this book, Bunzl draws on the work of a number of leading evolutionary thinkers to show that both the process of globalisation itself, and the evolution of a binding system of global governance, are natural parts of human evolution. 

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ISPO Global Briefing series

A series of short booklets by John Bunzl picking up on a particular global theme

1. Solving Climate Change - Transforming International Politics

John Bunzl argues that to solve climate change our nation-centric worldviews must first catch up with the world-centric realities of globalisation. He shows how the Simpol campaign is consistent with the principles of evolutionary transformation.

Ken Wilber comments:

"The central idea of Simpol is very powerful; that is, the notion of how to link votes in one country with votes in another - how to link political action in one country with action in another. International competition is built in to the nation-state system at its current level of development, and so the issue is not environmental concerns, but how to get humans to agree on environmental concerns. This is really fascinating and very hopeful. In my opinion this is the crucial issue for the 21st century."

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2. Global Domestic Politics - A Citizen's Guide to Running a Diverse Planet

How can coherent governance be brought to our culturally and politically diverse planet? Global threats like climate change, financial market crises and the growing gap between rich and poor all demand it. And yet established global institutions and governments are failing while NGO and corporate approaches are showing themselves inadequate. But by taking a transformative, world-centric perspective on global problems, and on global governance itself, John Bunzl shows that there is, after all, a creative solution.

Ken Wilber comments: “This work moves the global governance conversation forward considerably. John addresses the central issues concerning how global governance can be achieved even when only 5% of the global population is at Integral.”

Ervin Laszlo comments: “In an age when our problems are global and national governance structures are weakened and inadequate, it is absolutely necessary to think about the shape of effective global governance. This cannot be simply national government 'writ large', for that would also enlarge the problems and inefficiencies of national governance. It must be a holistic and evolutionary governance system, and as to the features of such a system, John Bunzl makes an essential contribution.”

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